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Finding the right voiceover for your project can seem daunting.  It seems as if anyone with a home studio and a mic does voice overs. But you’ve put in valuable time, effort and resources towards your media project, and you want a voice talent that’s able to deliver the right read with the right feel in a timely manner.

Voiceover Bebop delivers. With its goal to deliver high-quality results to you quickly and conveniently, at an attractive price, Wil Cee – your resident Voiceover Bebop Specialist – can produce style that has been described as current, original, youthful, natural, guy-next-door, smart, witty and professional with a dash of zany.  

Wil gives careful thought to the interpretation of any script, just as a musician would give to a composition. Fresh new ways to express the intent of the words and connect deeply with your audience. Rhythm, phrasing, pauses, and dynamics are just as important to voiceovers as they are to jazz. Will can find the right combination of these elements bring out the unique personality of the project.

 Wil is driven to deliver the best performances for his clients.  Speaking of clients, their satisfaction is first priority. At Voiceover Bebop, the motto is: “Your timeline is my timeline.” By recording primarily from his home studio with top-notch gear, you can be sure to receive the perfect voiceover for your project.

May you always be in the pocket,


Recent Work

Here is a sample of one of my Explainer style reads. For this video, I combined a millennial base with a professional polish, delivered with a bit of conversational style.


A corporate video for Tide China – a case study of their successful 2015 national campaign, “The Big Ball Challenge”.